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While Peter was getting diagnosed with an eventually fatal disease at the clinic, Zero had awakened.

Then Zero had been clubbed over the head and replaced by her evil twin, One. One would show them. She'd show them all. She'd make her parents regret the day they'd decided they only wanted four children and had given her up for adoption to a perfectly nice family of dentists. First, she would steal Zero's boyfriend, and then...her whole life. One monologued about this at length to a handy light fixture. It just seemed like the thing to do.

She hoped her dye job was okay. How did people live with their hair like this, honestly?
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That would be one Miss Skank Zero Hopeless-Savage, dancing around holding her phone. "I got the jo-ob, I got the jo-ob! I start tomorrow, I got the jo-ob!"

And that would be the 'I got a job' song, as styled by Miss Skank Zero Hopeless-Savage. Creative, not really. But it had heart!

((Open to phone calls, e-mails, and fellow apartment dwellers.))
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After getting off the phone with Parker, Zero had gotten inspired to Do Something to her hair. She'd been blonde for far too long, by her reckoning. So she'd gotten into her hair dye collection and locked herself in the bathroom for a few hours. With the vent fan on; she didn't want to actually die of dye.

She emerged with, well, really different hair.

((SO. I was poking around on [livejournal.com profile] hollow_art and lo and behold, I found...Zero! Only real. Zero only real is portrayed by Katie B., lead singer of Canadian band the Jakalopes.

Establishy, but open if you wish to the boyfriend, or to anyone who might wish to call or e-mail Zero. Whee!))
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Zero was pretty much ready for prom. Well, kind of. She was wearing a bathrobe still. But she had super-swerval hair. And she needed her date before she could move forward with her plan. Which some might call evil, it was true. Zero preferred 'mischievous.'
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Zero was sitting on her bed, glaring at her notebook as if this would make a page full of doodles and half-completed thoughts produce film-making genius for her essay.

...yeah, she had nothing. Good thing it wasn't due until Wednesday!

She was also starting to wonder when the frak they turned the air conditioning on in these dorms, because it was getting rather warm, and her little fan was not cutting it. Maybe she should open a window. Spring. Who needed it? Aside from the plants. And animals. And...she was getting off track again. "Focus, Hopeless-Savage," she muttered to herself. Like that was going to happen.

((Open for [coy]one who knows who he is[/coy].))
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Zero was lying on her bed reading one of her textbooks when Janine limped in. "Oi?" Zero asked.

"Oi?" Janine echoed.

"You're limping."

"Oh, that. I almost got run down by an NYC cab." Zero just blinked at her. "They're filming over by the business school."

"Ugh, again?"

"New York cabs, New York cops, dead body in the water. Welcome to LA."

Zero laughed and grabbed her laptop.

TO: [FH List]
FROM: skank.hopelesssavage@usc.edu
SUBJECT: So how's your day been?

My roommate almost got hit by an NYC cab today! And on Monday I wound up in the background of a scene for Spirit Mutterer (wrong place wrong time). What's up with you lot?

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"Don't mind me, I'm just here to get my stuff, Kali and Heidi already set up the air mattress and it's going to be--" Janine Schneider trailed off as she saw her roommate lying facedown on her bed. "Um."

Oh bother )
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To: [Zero's Usual Flist]
From: Zero

I changed my hair! See attached. (Why yes that is my natural hair color. Enjoy it while it lasts.)

...that is all. Back to the paper mines. Plz to distract. What's new with you lot?


((Insomnia sucks.))
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"One phone call," the guard reminded Zero as he handed her the phone. Who to call? Rat? Her parents? Someone who wouldn't lecture her? Hmm. After a moment, Zero made her decision and started dialing. As the phone started ringing, the guard asked her, "Were you really stalking Tom Cruise, kid?"

"Don' be silly," Zero told him. "It was a film school project that got slightly out of control."

"Film students," muttered the guard. "Of course."

((For one person!))
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Janine and Zero were both working on projects and getting hungry, so Janine was dispatched to Tro Gro for food, since Zero had gone for coffee last. She returned a few minutes later, tossed a sandwich in Zero's lap, and went back to her computer.

Zero took one bite out of her sandwich and said, "Janine. Whoss this?"

"It's turkey. You asked for turkey. God knows why, I can't imagine how anyone could eat turkey again after last week."

"S'not turkey. It tastes like...evil."

A dissection of Zero's sandwich revealed that it contained not only turkey, lettuce, and mayonnaise (the usual suspects) but also pesto, cranberry sauce, ranch dressing, and a smidge of wasabi ("Why?" Janine wanted to know. "Why would you do that?"). The girls boggled at it for a moment, then Janine went to get their friends to come see while Zero went back to Tro Gro to see if they had any food that wasn't insane.

((OOC: Caused by [livejournal.com profile] morpherboy's RL encounter with this exact sandwich. Open to phone calls and e-mail.))
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When Zero returned from her last class of the day, Janine was sitting at her computer. That is, Zero's computer, not Janine's. "Oi?" Zero said by way of greeting.

"You have better editing software. I'll be done in ten minutes, I swear, I'm meeting a guy for coffee"

"Oh. Carry on. And tell me more about this guy."

She shrugged. "Just a guy from one of my classes. Kinda cute. Oh. You got a package."

Zero opened the package on her bed, looked inside, and burst out laughing. Then she picked up the box and told Janine, "Take as long as you want on the computer. I have to go to the post office. Or UPS. Is UPS still open?"

"Like I know? Wrong address?"

"No. I have to mail my boyfriend back his underwear."

Janine wrinkled her nose and adjusted her glasses. "I don't want to know."
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Parker and Zero had wandered from camp to camp, then followed the fire
dancers through the streets before sitting down at one of the break
camps to take a breath.

"Last night." Parker checked her watch. "Three hours to the re-burn."
She yawned. "Man. What haven't we done yet?"

Taken over the playa, Pinky. )
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Zero had had a long night. She'd spent over an hour in a cage trying to convince some people she wasn't really a fairy, despite the purple hair and flowers, then gone to an African dance workshop before watching movies 'til dawn. Then, there had been pancakes. God, goddess, or whatever they preferred love the pancake people.

Now, she was unwinding with a cup of chai from the Cafe and watching the bustle at the center of the city as workers hastened to rebuild the Man. The open notebook and acoustic guitar next to her on the beach towel indicated songwriting in progress, except for the part where progress didn't seem to be getting made. Doodles of spiders, fairies, and men made of leaves filled the page instead.

Life was good.
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In the VW bus camp could be found a van that was neither a VW nor a bus, but was large and teal. On top of this van was a small tent. Beside the van was an awning, with beach towels beneath it. And on these beach towels lounged Zero Hopeless-Savage, dressed in scrub pants, combat boots, and a sports bra. She had playa dust up to her knees, her left arm was spattered with blue paint (she honestly couldn't remember how that had happened), and next to her sat a lawn gnome.

It had been a good day.
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It was already late when Zero finished loading her things into Dave, settled Fish's cage in the front passenger seat, and prepared to hit the road (and all along her route, drivers became nervous and didn't know why). She would have to drive pretty much through the night to get back to Flange City, but this was fine by Zero, as the Teen Punk is a generally nocturnal creature.

As the giant teal van rumbled across the causeway, music could be heard drifting back toward the island from its impressive stereo system:

La la la, kick kick kick
We're kicking trolls
La la la, kick kick kick
We're kicking trolls
Together forever we're kicking trolls!

((Zero has now left Fandom, though threads are still ongoing in her leaving post.))
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Everything was packed up, her guitar was securely in its case, and Fish's cage was even covered and ready for transport. Now all Zero had to do was ferry it all down to Dave and point the big teal van toward Flange City.

Except for how she really didn't want to.

((Open to all! Last chance to say goodbye to Zero!))
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Well, I'm back.

Thank you all for your well-wishes over the last few days. I really appreciate it.

Zero has been in her room writing songs and spazzing out over having to leave. Steve has been in his basement sketching and spazzing out over turning ninety. Z has been in the future attending a quickly-convened workshop for SPD.
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Zero woke up fuzzy.

And because someone was poking her.

She swatted at the offending finger, then realized there really shouldn't have been anyone else in this room. Parker was in Russia and Peter was in New York, so...

She opened her eyes to find a strange boy looking down at her. "Wake up," he said. "Wake up wake up //wake up//."

Okay, that last 'wake up' had been in Chinese. "Mew?" //What?//

//What?// the boy echoed. "Are you my mummy?"

Zero glanced over at the birdcage--the empty birdcage--by the window. Oh squall.

Zero? Facepawed.
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Part 2: Isabel and Zero in Fandom )

((OOC: Preplayed with [livejournal.com profile] izzyalienqueen and [livejournal.com profile] peter__parker. OOC comments welcome, IC interaction not possible as they are now booking it to New York. Except the unconscious one. Um.))
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Even though it was just a short trip to Arlington, Zero had stocked Dave with snacks, a cooler full of drinks, and entertainment--such as 'Teach Yourself Guitar' and 'Drumming Made Easy.' Now all she needed was the band.

Dear squall, she hoped the band showed up.
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