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Let it be noted, for the record, that Skank Zero Hopeless-Savage was a good friend. And also currently suffering a wee bit from artistic block, which was why, when a friend with a band called in a panic on Saturday afternoon, explaining that they had a gig and their lead singer was in Portland for reasons unbeknown to humans who did normal or nonexistent amounts of drugs, she had agreed to help out.

Of course, they only had so many songs in common. Thankfully they knew "Cuddle Bug" and a few punk standards, but they'd been scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with the last set list. Finally, the bassist in desperation had asked, "Do you know "Jolene"?"

"Doesn't everyone?" Zero had asked. She had opted not to mention that she had always been a little afraid her last relationship was going to go down the 'Jolene' road.

"So we'll do Jolene. It can be ironic."

"You don't do Dolly Parton ironic," Zero had chided.

So they did Jolene unironic. And it maybe kind of sort of brought down the house. Go figure.

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