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Everything had been done over the phone before Zero drove a giant teal van full of her stuff through a portal, so today the manager just unlocked the door and let her in. It was a nice apartment. A bit small, but it was just her and Fish; it wasn't like she needed a ton of space. She'd left most of the furniture in New York, since it didn't seem fair to leave Peter without any.

"What do you think, Fishy?" Zero asked her bird, holding up the cage to look in at him. For once, Fish was silent. "Yeh," Zero agreed. "Me, too."

She stood in the middle of the empty living room with her bird for a few minutes before she sighed, set Fish's cage down, and headed downstairs. She could brood, or she could schlep, and it wasn't like her stuff was going to move itself.

She had a sinking feeling that by the end of the day she was really going to be missing her ex-boyfriend's superstrength.

((Open to phone calls and texts. And yes, Zero and Peter have broken up by mutual agreement, and Zero is now back in her home universe's LA. She hasn't told anyone yet.))
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